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PanAmerican Properties

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Let PanAmerican Properties help you buy a new house or sell your old one!

PanAmerican Properties,Inc. is a relative newcomer to the real estate business in Panama but has drawn upon several strengths to rapidly become a leader in property marketing, promotion, and administration.  Some of our members were the pioneers of Internet in Panama helping to establish these services throughout the Republic;  others were involved with property administration and management with the United States military while others have been involved for years with real estate in the Republic.  This combination of broad experience and know how has enabled us to provide exceptional quality reality services to both our international and local clients.  Our multilingual staff assists our customers to make their sale or purchase of property swift and free of complications.

PanAmerican Properties, Inc. a Panamanian property management / real estate marketing company, specializing in international real estate and expatriate services.  Based in Panama, our company understands and fulfills client needs while providing exceptional service.  We are the premier full service real estate and marketing company assisting Americans and International visitors with overseas retirement, international living, and offshore real estate investments.  Whether you wish to purchase an ocean front condominium, a beautiful beach front property next to a tropical rainforest, a mountain home in Boquete, or a Panama vacation home or timeshare, PanAmerican Properties can fulfill your every need in a timely and professional manner.  In addition to the services offered above, we provide real estate tours for those who are curious about what Panama can offer you.

PanAmerican Properties, Inc: Lead the way in promotion and listing of properties on the Internet and is still today one of the only companies in Panama that serves as a liaison between foreign investors, retirees and the Panamanian real estate market offers a full range of services to assisting new residents of Panama from the simplest necessities of where to shop and connecting your utilities to the more complex interests of opening new businesses to receiving retirement discounts and establishing your resident status.


A real estate service that brings buyers and sellers together, we are not project promoters offering only one solution. Working with various real estate companies, project promoters and private owners, we tailor our search to your requirements.


Although a Panamanian company operating offshore, much of the staff and management are expatriates using their international experience to benefit others.  Our clients come to expect and enjoy the close hometown customer treatment each one receives.


PanAmerican Properties, Inc.  is principally made up of  expatriates who have relocated to Panama.  Our entire management staff has lived and experienced daily living conditions in Panama many years, most over ten years each.  Having lived and traveled throughout the Nation for years they are well qualified to advise and assist you to avoid the pitfalls that many they have lived through. 


Whether you are looking for a house in the former Panama Canal Zone, one of the old US military bases, a beach house on the Caribbean, a coffee plantation in Chiriqui, an estate in the nestled I the mountains, or your own private island in the Pacific, Panama Properties, Inc has what you are looking for.


PanAmerican Properties, Inc.  currently has an excellent investment opportunity available in beautiful Casco Viejo. Located in Panama City's Old Quarter, Casco Viejo is quickly becoming the Old San Juan Puerto Rico of tomorrow, Cerro Azul where you can see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well as the Panama Canal all at the same time, the historic Panama Canal Zone, the little Switzerland of Panama El Valle, or the world renowned Boquete.


PanAmerican  Properties, Inc is a Panamanian company made by World citizens for World citizens.  “The World is One Country and Mankind It’s Citizens.”  Our job is to serve you.


Our Mission:  


To assist our clients in finding the perfect property for them in Panama.  We will work closely with our clients in order to understand their needs and objectives.  We strive to work in an environment of openness, respect and understanding.  We are available to assist our clients at every turn, delivering superior customer service and exceeding our client’s expectations along the way.


Our Vision:   


To continue to be a leader in Panama for bringing together sellers and buyers throughout the Nation.  Expanding our services to address the ever-changing world economy and needs of our clients.  Our company is to serve our clients.  We know we would not be here if it were not for our clients.  Our company exists for the sole purpose of presenting to International Citizens the wonders of Panama with the intention that our clients will purchase property through the service of PanAmerican Properties, Inc.


A Cabin in Woods of The Chiriqui Highlands

Tropic Trails

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